This week a Fort Wayne computer repair client was having a problem printing out an accounting report in Quickbooks on their Windows 7 laptop computer. After arriving, I started my interview with my client to see if the computer ever printed to the printer. It never has, but the other office computer can print to the printer. The Windows 7 computer is connected to their Xfinity wireless network and the internet works like a champ so I know the network hardware is ok. The printer is connected to the private network via an ethernet cable and the other computer is connected via an ethernet cable as well. I tried connecting the laptop to their private wireless network and it failed saying the password was wrong.To see if the router got into some unknown mode, I powered it down for a few minutes.  After the router was back on, my laptop and my smartphone also failed to connect to the private wireless network.  Something is flaky with the router.  Since the other computer is connected with an ethernet cable I just used an ethernet cable to connect the laptop to the router to make it match the other computer. Once this was done, the two print jobs in the queue shot out of the printer.  My client never moves the laptop so this will work fine for them.

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