Last week I had a Fort Wayne computer repair client ask me for a service call. One of their problems was an HP inkjet printer that printed faintly. At some point during troubleshooting, I opened the printer lid to see the ink cartridges.  I tried several times to get the print carriage with the print cartridges to slide out where I could easily see them, but nothing worked. As I looked closer at the print carriage, something didn’t look right.  There weren’t any print cartridges just some plastic hoses running to reservoirs on the side of the printer!  This was the first time I encountered one of these ink tank or inkwell printers. I thought one of the hoses was plugged because the four tanks were full. 

We tried the manufacturers web site and finally called the company. The technician asked me questions and had me run the print head cleaning process. The instructions said it may have to be run at least three times.  This did the trick and my client was happy to be printing again.

My client was wondering why it had stopped working and I asked when the last time it had been used.  They guessed about a month ago and I surmised the ink had dried up and that’s the reason inkjet printers can’t be left idle for long periods or the ink drys out. 


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