Today at one of my long-time computer clients I was working on a Linux laptop connected to an HP inkjet printer.  My client couldn’t print to it and I began troubleshooting.  The black ink cartridge was out of ink and the color one was missing.  I got some new ones and installed them the next day.  The HP alignment page printed fine.  The test page from the Linux printer program was good, also. 

Next we printed an email message and then a problem was present: only the left half of the page printed.  I tried another email message and the same thing happened.  I know the printer can print full-size pages from the two test pages.  Now I looked at the printer settings in the System-config printer settings.  I got to the Paper-size setting and something was wrong – it said “postcard”.  I changed it to the correct “Letter” size and sent the same email message.  Now the paper was full size.























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