One of my services is setting up new computers for businesses. People want me to copy their data and their programs to their new Windows computer.  I can do only one of these requests, unfortunately.  Copying user data is pretty simple in the usual case. 

Copying a program from the old computer to a new one is impossible.  Programs have to be installed from scratch on the new computer.   One reason is there are many files in many different directories that need to be copied.  There’s no way I’m going to know what files to grab off the current computer and place on the new one. Especially in the Windows directory and it’s sub-directories.  

The only way I know to get your programs installed on your new computer is to install from the original source.  This means you need to have the EXE file downloaded from the internet, or located on a USB drive or DVD or CD disk. Then I run the setup.exe or install file and go through the setup process. 

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