This week I got an emergency call from a Fort Wayne business who couldn’t get their main computer program to work correctly.  They were attempting to create a report which was due that day.  I responded with an office visit within two hours.  My client showed me what the program was doing and it was stopping when it couldn’t load a geographic map. It said “The location map was rejected”  I couldn’t make sense of this message but maybe the wrong map was loading.   The usual things were checked and nothing looked wrong. 

My client thought he had run out of maps and had to buy more because this has happened in the past.  I didn’t know and we could contact the program’s technical support if we can’t solve it.  My client also mentioned they hadn’t performed a program update for a long time. They pointed out the icon on the Windows desktop for the program update and I ran it. Several parts of the program were updated.  All in all over 700 updates were installed so the program was way out of date.  I ran the program again and now the map loaded and the report ran successfully!  

Listening to clients can sometimes solve problems as in this case.  It doesn’t always work so you have to use good judgement because sometimes they don’t know.  

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