Last week I was at a client’s working on their new Windows 10 desktop computer. They will be operating their businesses on this computer and probably the most important program which needed installed was their accounting program. We put the Quickbooks CD disc in the CD tray and the setup program never started so using File Explorer, I found setup.exe and ran it. Again. the prgram never proceeded. I tried setting compatibility mode for Windows 7 and Vista for setup.exe. I also tried running in administrator mode which yielded same result. Finally, I thought of something I learned around 2001 which is sometimes you need to restart a Windows computer to reset everything. Once this was done and Windows was started, setup.exe ran normally and QuickBooks installed.  We were not done and needed to import my client’s data into Quickbooks.  I ran the import function of Quickbooks and pointed it to their company.qbw file which was on their previous hard drive. Now Quickbooks had their all their clients, bank accounts, Invoices and everything they needed to start running their business from an accounting perspective.

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