I got a phone call this month from a business client who couldn’t save their accounting backup to their computer. It worked fine for months but stopped working yesterday.  I arrived at their business and started investigating. The error Quickbooks displayed said there wasn’t enough room on the destination. I checked the path that the program was trying to access and found it was a network attached storage device. I could access the shares over their Windows 10  file explorer.  I discovered the admin utility could be accessed through a web browser at the NAS’s IP address. Once I discovered the user and password, I logged in to the NAS and looked for a way to delete some files since the admin utility said the 1 Terabyte drive was full!  I searched for files and folders I could delete. I found a recycle bin for the backup folder and it was huge with thousands of deleted files and folders which were still occupying space.  I started deleting folders and the available disk space started improving. I tried saving the Quickbooks backup again and this time it worked.

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