Thanks to Arlene Stutzman for reminding me the annual Fort Wayne Newspapers Reader Awards nominations are in progress until May 22, 2017 and you can vote here.  I was on LinkedIn and noticed her post a few days ago.

This event always sneaks up on me and like many of you, my company is on the ballot. It’s under Shopping / Electronics Store-Computer Repair Store. Look for Shane Grantham Consulting.  It would be nice to have a category just for on-site Computer Consultants/Repair under Services, but I’m happy to be on the ballot somewhere.

I’m not a store or a shop, and I go a step farther than the shops and stores by actually making on-site service calls to my clients. This takes more effort on my part than if I had a place and waiting for single computers to come in for repair.  I work with whole computer systems, networks, printers, etc,


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