The Reader’s Choice Awards always sneaks up on me and like many of you, my company is on the ballot. Voting is supposed to start today  and my company is under Shopping / Electronics Store-Computer Repair Store. Look for Shane Grantham Consulting. It would be nice to have a category just for on-site Computer Consultants/Repair under Services, but I’m happy to be on the ballot.

I’m not a store or a shop and I go a step farther than the shops and stores by actually making on-site service calls to my clients. This takes more effort on my part than if I had a fixed location and just waited for single computers to come in for repair. I work with people and their whole computer systems, networks, printers, etc. in my client’s business or home.

If you’re on the ballot, tell me what category so I can vote for you and tell others as well.

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