Last month a networker mentioned they may have a project for me with two other companies. I wasn’t sure how much they or the other two companies knew about my company.  I wanted to make it easy for them if they did not.  I didn’t want to lose this opportunity and I gave them three easy ways to investigate and see how good I am.

The first one was my Linked page that has 40 recommendation from my connections and many endorsements. Next, my Facebook company page has 33 recommendations from clients. The last page to showcase my talent is my Google business page with 35 recommendations and a 4.9 out of 5 rating.  I hope this will be enough to convince them to partner with me for the future, 

Don’t hesitate to let potential clients know about your business listings like LinkedIn, FaceBook and Google if they are in decent shape. If they aren’t good, then start working on them.  To build my numbers, I emailed my clients one at a time and asked for recommendations, reviews and likes. Not everyone did, but enough did that I started looking better and better compared to my colleagues over time.  And don’t forget to reciprocate with your providers and recommend and review them as well.

Are you using LinkedIn, Facebook and Google business to improve your image?

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