For many years remote control programs have been part of my IT toolbox for helping my clients. They allow me to see a remote computer’s screen and work on it as I was in front of it. When I was at Needhams Business Machines we used PCAnywhere and Ducharme McMillen we used a Norton product.

When I started my company I used TightVNC and then Logmein for remote control. Logmein raised their prices and I couldn’t afford it any longer. About three years ago, I started using Teamviewer’s remote control product. It works well and runs on Apple laptops, Windows and Linux computers.

I read an article on another remote program named Google Chrome remote desktop which It looks like it’s free and installs into a web browser as an extension. I think there are two options. One is for letting someone connect to your computer and the other is for you to connect to another computer with a code. Last night I started using it to see if it will work on my clients’ computers. I tested it on my Linux Mint computer from my Windows 10 computer and it worked even with the dual screens.

I have to figure out how I can make it easy for my clients to use if they have to initiate a remote session. Testing will continue this week and next week as well. If you’ve used Google chrome remote desktop, give me your thoughts on it and how it easy it is to use.

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