I had a new Fort Wayne Computer repair client ask me, “How do I scan a picture to my computer?”  They were writing a book and needed a hand-drawn illustration inserted into the book.  They opened the lid for his all-in-one Brother printer/scanner/copier and placed a page on the glass.  He started to fumble with the front panel buttons when I said, “In most cases, you can scan from the Windows desktop with the printer’s manager program.  I looked through the Windows programs and found the Brother Console interface program and opened it.  There was a “Scan” section and it allowed us to scan the illustration to his computer and save as a PDF or other formats.  I mistakenly chose PDF, having later discovered his book editing program wanted a JPG. We re-scanned and chose JPG as the file format and this worked. Other printer manufacturers like HP have printer console programs with different names and they do the same things as this Brother program does.  These consoles do other things like manage the ink supply and other things. 

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