I was at a client this week performing many tasks for them and one was troubleshooting an inkjet printer. It was an HP model that worked at one point in it’s life, but now it was not working. I sent and internal test page to it and it acts like it’s printing but this happens:  The printer carriage travels back and forth on the track.  The print head makes a noise and the paper even gets pulled through the paper path.  No ink shows up on the paper so I bet the inkjet cartridges have dried up.  My client didn’t want to waste money on it and will just use another printer they own.

They also wanted to scan documents and photos so I had an idea.  Even though it can’t print, the scanning function probably still works.  I configured the wireless networking to connect to their wireless router.  Then on their first Apple laptop I opened Scanners and added the HP inkjet as a scanner.  It works pretty flawlessly and we were were scanning in no time from the scanner glass. 

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