I use laptops frequently in my computer repair business. The majority of the time to move the mouse cursor the built-in trackpad is used. Scrolling up and down pages is a hassle using the side scrollbar on the screen. You have to hover the cursor right over the bar, click and hold by taping the touchpad with your finger and move your finger across the touchpad. From my many years of laptop usage,I know two-finger scrolling should be available for any operating system.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on two-fingered scrolling on my Apple laptop. There is no need to move the cursor over a side scrollbar – you just place two fingers on the touchpad of the laptop and slide them back and forth to scroll a windows up and down.

My linux laptops should be able to do the same thing so I set on a quest to enable two-fingered scrolling. I opened the Linux Mint menu and searched for mouse. It was found under “Mouse and Touchpad” under the Preferences app. I clicked on the Touchpad button and searched through the options. Under the Scrolling header is “scrolling method” and I changed Automatic to “Two-finger scrolling”.

Now it’s a breeze to move up and down a web page or word processor on my Linux laptops with just two fingers and not care where the cursor is located. The next project is get it to work on my windows 10 laptop!

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