I have a number of laptops for business and pleasure including Apples, Linux and Microsoft Windows.  Using different operating systems keeps me agile when it comes to service calls with any computer.

One thing that I noticed with the Apple computers is they support vertical two-finger scrolling on the touchpad. My Microsoft Windows 10 computers don’t support this.  I vaguely recall years ago I got one of my Windows laptops to do two-finger scrolling but I had to do some driver installation and configuring. 

My Windows 11 laptop does do two-fingered scrolling and I didn’t need to do anything special to activate this feature.   I love being able to two-finger scroll because otherwise I would have to  position my mouse pointer over the right side of the desktop over the scroll bar and drag the window vertically.

I’ll have to check my windows 10 laptops again and see if I can get two-fingered scrolling on them or not.  Do you use two-fingered scrolling?  Does it make you more efficient?


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