I’ve always felt a Microsoft Windows computer needed something besides the Microsoft built-in security for protection.  After reading a Windows 10 book by Woody Leonhard, I’m not sure any more.  I’ve read Woody’s columns for years in computer magazines so his opinion means something to me.  I’m willing to try out his theory that Windows 10 computers just need Windows Defender for protection.  

Woody claims Windows Defender provides enough protection just by itself.  It provides virus protection, ransomware protection, firewall protection, reputation-based security and exploit protection.  I wasn’t sure what the last two were, but I bet one was heuristics which is based on behavior. 

One thing I haven’t found yet is how to set a daily Full scan with Windows 10 Defender.  It looks like it only does a quick scan by default and I think a full scan should be done instead.   Now that I think about it, the scan is set under task scheduler and I’ll have to investigate this further. 

If you have used Windows 10 Defender Security for a while, let me know how it’s done for your computer.  I’m very curious how many others rely solely on it instead of a 3rd party security product.  

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