Much of my computer work is done on-site at businesses and homes. This is better for everyone so I can see the clients environment and equipment. One of the things I like to do is have my client check and test the work I’ve done to make sure it’s solved or setup to their liking. It’s important that they are happy with my work.

I have a client who I’ve made maybe three or four service calls to for various laptop issues including a setup on a new one. They are great to work with and allow me to ask questions and interview them on their needs for the project. But they never want to sit in front of the laptop and test the programs, email or whatever I worked on when I’m done. They would say, “I’ll just wing it and figure it out later.” I’m not sure if they are embarrassed to test the laptop in my presence or if it’s a time constraint problem. Probably it’s that they know I have always done a good job for them and they don’t need to test it.

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