The last two weekends I’ve had phone calls and service calls on Saturday and Sunday.  I like to get service calls done as soon as I can so I’ll be ready for the next one.  And many times they are emergencies for my client who calls.

If a computer call can be solved via remote control, that’s what my client usually prefers since it saves time and resources.   If  I can guide my client over the phone with a solution, that’s the next possibility.   Unlike many of my competition, I make on-site service calls – even on the weekends.  My clients love this aspect of my business because computers and equipment don’t have to be brought to me.   They can leave them as they are in their business office or home. And I get to see the physical environment and the WiFi or wired network.  The best aspect is seeing my client use their computer in their business and I can catch user problems this way.  

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