Last Wednesday I was asked to help someone with the Skype program. Skype allows two or more people to video conference with each other for free over the internet. They were going to be interviewed for a possible appearance on a television show later this year. I had them download and install skype from The last time I used Skype was 2016. My Skype account was still active and I was able to log in and update my profile picture. I installed it on my Macbook air laptop, one of my Windows 10 laptops and finally on my smartphone. Skype works whether you have video or not on your device and I’ve noticed your camera is off by default until you turn it on. The feature I really enjoy is choosing your own artificial background for your video calls from your own jpgs. You can also blur the background if you choose or just use your real background which is behind you.

Give Skype a try and see how it does for you. I’ve enjoyed using it again and it’s almost like you are there with the person your video-chatting with. You’ll have to create a Microsoft account to use it and it is free.

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