Yesterday I was on my Android smartphone and looking at the storage space. It wasn’t full but it was creeping up there and from experience I know a full Android smartphone gets slow.  I wanted to know what was taking up space.  Could I get rid of some unneeded items or not?  At the bottom of the “My Files” screen was something I hadn’t noticed in the past:   An orange icon titled “Analyze Storage”.  

The icon was clicked and after a few moments, a 4-page report was displayed.  One page was the Internal Storage, the next one the SD Card, then the Google drive and the last was Samsung Drive.   My SD Card is over half full as you can see by the following page.  I’ll be taking a look at the video and audio files since they take up the majority of space.

From now on, I’m going to check my smartphone storage weekly to keep control over large files and duplicates.  

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