I don’t like the way smartphones spy on us, yet I still use them in my personal life and my computer business.  They are great for the mobile road warrior like me.  It allows me to use email and many social media sites with ease.  When my current smartphone  dies, can I do without it and use a flip-phone and one of my laptops in its place?  Or is there a privacy smartphone company that won’t store all my data and possibly use it later to coerce me or blackmail me? 

The one feature of the smartphone I use the most is probably the camera.  Would a flip phone do pictures as well as a smartphone? A close second feature is the internet search capability and then my calendar and contacts.  Social Media gets used a lot as well.  Do they or will they still make flip phones when I need one?   I don’t know.  The new phone will have to handle texting easily because I text a lot.  

My wife says I can’t do without a smartphone and deep down I know she’s right.  So Big Brother is going to be happy that they have me addicted to the smartphone for life. 

A better option is finding a secure, privacy-minded smartphone who won’t spy and log everything I do.  It won’t be Android or Apple! 






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