My smartphones accumulate pictures and videos quickly since I use it at networking groups, clients and in personal situations.  I can have all the pictures cleaned off and 3 days later they’ll be 100 media files on it. In the past, I used cloud storage (dropbox and google drive) to organize the files. The problem with this scenario is if I can’t get on the internet, I couldn’t get to my pictures.  On the plus side, it is nice to have them backed up on the cloud.

Now, I move the pictures from my smartphone to various computers using the USB charging cable which came with it.   My main Linux computer is usually the computer used and an alert on the smartphone has to be allowed to start the transfer.  Transferring files works well because the linux computer has two monitors which are much larger than the smartphone’s screen.  This makes it easier to see more files at once and to move them from the smartphone to my computers.   The files are moved into folders on my computer based on personal or business categories. 

And of course, backups are made of the pictures once they are on my computer and in the desired folder. 

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