It only took three years or so but my Android smartphone hotspot is now functioning!   On my previous smartphones I  set them up for my laptops to use when I wasn’t near WiFi.  And I wanted it working on my new one at the time.  Setting it up was easy for me on this phone.   Every time I  went to  test it on any laptop from any location, the laptop never connected to the internet.  But it did connect to the smartphone hotspot.  The smartphone would detect the laptop connection as well.  I would do research on it and I was doing everything correctly on the configuration as far as I could tell.   

I either read something or had a hunch that my smartphone service didn’t support smartphone hotspots or they charged extra for them.   Last week I browsed to my smartphone service providers web site and I also searched my service provider app and found nothing on hotspots.  A chat with customer support was initiated and later that morning my hotspot magically worked on my smartphone for my Apple laptop!   It turns out the service provider has to enable this service on their end.  Nothing I could have done on my own would have resolved the problem. Sometimes contacting customer/technical support is necessary.

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