My smartphone is my number one business and computer repair tool.  I can be anywhere and conduct business with my it. Saturday morning I was trying to enter my password  into my smartphone so I could check my messages.  To my horror, the keypad wouldn’t respond to any of my fingers. Which means none of the apps could be used!  I discovered the side buttons worked and pressed the power button. I wanted to restart the smartphone to see if this fixes the keypad.  Unfortunately, the screen’s pop-up power menu couldn’t be accessed so the smartphone couldn’t be powered down.  Next, I held the power button down until the smartphone restarted.   The keypad still didn’t work after the restart,  A restart was done again and it still didn’t fix the keypad. 

It dawned on me since I can’t power down from the keypad, it could be shutdown another way.  The protective case was pried off and then the main case was as well. The battery was taken out and left out for an hour.  After the smartphone and battery was put back together and powered on, the keypad started working!  Boy was I relieved to have a fully functional smartphone again.  I don’t know where I learned this smartphone trick, but it might have been from Kyle from the Norris Networking.


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