More times than I can remember, clients have asked for help when they have lost an email message within their email program like Outlook.  This also applies to Email web interfaces like Comcast or Frontier or even other prgrams.  If you’ve tried the search feature and failed to find the message, there is another way.  Most email is sorted by the “Received” or “Date” header at the top of the email program. This puts the latest received messages at the top.  The message order can be changed easily by clicking on one of the headers like “Subject” or “From”. Clicking on the top of the columns on any field sorts data by that field. Click again and it reverses the sort. For example, If you have lost a message and can’t see it in your inbox, Try sorting by “From” or “Subject”  and then scroll up and down the list till you find it. Maybe the message was from Shane, but thats all you recall about it.  Sorting by “From” would put all messages from Shane together so you can look at all the subjects together and find the needed one. This procedure also works for almost any program which has a list like file Explorer in Windows, Additionally, cloud-based storage programs like Google Drive and Dropbox can be sorted according to Name or “Last Modified”.  Many other programs exhibit this behavior and it also applies to Macs and Linux computers.  What programs have you used this on?

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