My wife and I were at a family wedding this summer where many pictures were taken by a photographer. Today the pictures were shared with us at a family lunch. They were copied to a USB drive of mine from a Windows 10 laptop. From there the USB drive was put into my MacBook Pro laptop and copied to my server. Now the pictures were safe in case the USB messed up. My wife and I talked about how to get the pictures to her Samsung tablet. She searched the tablet’s perimeter and found a micros-SD card slot but no USBs. I tried to see how I could join it to my LAN and nothing was apparent in settings. I know Androids can attach to my network because I got my Android smartphones attached a year ago. The next thing I tried was a bluetooth transfer since it was supported on my Mac laptop and the android tablet. I’m not sure how I did it but after playing with the settings on both devices for 30 minutes the two were connected. The photo transfer worked and it was exciting to get a MacBook laptop and an Android tablet to communicate with bluetooth.

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