One of my long-time computer clients was telling me of a problem with their Samsung Galaxy Android tablet on Monday.  They had switched from the paper to the on-line version of their newpaper a year ago.  They were able to read it in a web browser and I think it was Chrome.

Lately, the browser wasn’t letting them login and responded with the typical “Incorrect username or password” message.  I spent some time on the issue and tried updating the Android OS and found it had a Kernel from 2016. It was clearly an old, retired one but it still worked.  

I cleared out the RAM Cache of about 2.6GB to see if this helped. It didn’t so I tried additional measures.  I determined the correct password and found my client had the case wrong on one of the password characters.  This has to be the problem, I thought but the newspaper site continued to have issues not responding or refusing logins.   

The last thing I tried seem to work and it was using a different browser.  My thoughts were since the tablet can’t be updated any longer, maybe the newspaper site required a newer chrome browser which the tablet didn’t support.  When we tried Firefox or Safari web browser, the site opened perfectly.  

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