Some people don’t realize I also repair Tablets and last month  I was presented with one which flickered during it’s use.  To keep it running it needed to be plugged in during it’s use and it seemed the battery didn’t hold a charge any longer.  it was about four years of age but was in great shape for it’s age. About a year ago before the battery issue appeared,  I cleared out the memory cache and removed some unused applications. This didn’t fix it and the owner asked for help again.  They and I researched batteries on the internet and they seemed to be discontinued or sold out everywhere.  Finally, one was located with an estimated ship date of a month because it came direct from China.

In the meantime, I dismantled the tablet and found the battery taking up a lot of real estate for the 11 inch tablet. That’s probably why the battery life is so good for this tablet. When the battery arrived, I checked the part number and form factor and it matched the old battery. I disconnected the old battery and set it aside after marking it so I wouldn’t mix them up. The new battery was connected to the tablet’s motherboard and after some work it fit into the tablet.


Now to see if the battery works. I powered on the tablet and could see the battery level was almost depleted. I connected the charger and the battery started charging. After a few hours the charge got to 70% and I started using it and it ran like new. It now charges to 100% and lasts hours on a charge.

The new and old Tablet battery side by side

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