One of my Fort Wayne computer clients was notified last September about changes in the way they submit reports to the government. The government created a new web site and my client was to start using it by 2020 instead of the site they used at the time.  My client asked me to help them with the cut-over to the new web site and I gladly agreed. 

I printed the instructions and began the process. We first created an account on the new site. We tried logging in to the new site and we were successful. Next we were taken through a vigorous one-time prove-it’s you process which included drivers license info, SSN and other sensitive data. It sent codes to my client’s smartphone and to their email account. 

Once my client was authenticated, we tried using the new site.  Neither one of us had seen or used the new site, so we didn’t know what to expect.  We were in for an unpleasant experience as we got errors when we clicked on some of the icons and nothing when others were clicked.  We contacted technical support via email (per their instructions). I think I tried to call them, but no answer was received.  I left my client’s office because I no other options. It sure looked like the site was having problems and not us.

I checked back with my client the next couple of days and they hadn’t heard anything yet from technical support.  I made another service call to my client’s office and technical support had responded by then. It appears the day I was there trying to get the new web site working for my client, it was having issues and was down for maintenance!  Thanks for telling us!  Today the site was fine and when my client logged in, their account information appeared on the splash screen and they were able to start using the site.

Errors when the site was down

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