A phone call was received last week from one of my business clients who was having a software problem.  Their main business program was displaying a Java message when it was supposed to display a completed message. It was used to edit and send a bundle of photos to the software company to be processed.  This was on a Mac desktop computer and it started having problems a few days ago. When I arrived, my client gave me some suggestions from the software company’s technical support person.  I checked the firewall and security software and it wasn’t the issue. I looked at the Java message again and it made little sense to me and to make things worse, this was the first time I had used this specialized software.  It was time to reach out to the company who created the software for help and luckily, they were in the United States. We called them and were talking to an American in just a few minutes. A minute later, I was talking to technical support and explaining our problem. What was nice was all the personnel were in Missouri and easy to understand as they walked me through some checks.  When these checks failed, she connected remotely and solved the issue by trying several other things and finally copying a picture file to one of the key directories.  There’s no way I would have figured this out on my own since I was unfamiliar with the program.  Don’t be afraid to call technical support for a specialized program like this one – you’re probably already paying for it with the annual software subscription.

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