If you’re like me, you’re probably receiving long-distance telemarketing telephone calls throughout the business day.  Some of mine are robo calls and the others are live calls. Most of the time I answer them and sometimes I let my voice mail pick them up. 

One Friday I got two long-distance calls – one I answered live and another one I let roll over to voice mail. the first one turned out to be a Fort Wayne company needing a network device programmed for one of their new locations.  The work was something I wasn’t able to do, and I explained to them my specialty is computer repair.

The second one was a transplanted family from Illinois needing a MacBook laptop repaired.  Fortunately, they left a message so I could call them back and coordinate a repair.

From these two telephone calls I’ve learned not to assume every long-distance telephone call is a telemarketer.  What is your experience with long-distance telephone calls?  Are most of yours telemarketers?

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