People contact me in a number of ways about my computer business. Some of these ways are Twitter, Facebook, email and my web site.  Even with these high-tech methods, the telephone is still probably the most popular way they contact me.

Along with this convenience comes annoyances like live telemarketer calls and robocalls from unknown callers. I get them from long-distance numbers and local numbers as well.  Most of the time I answer the calls and it seems 75% of the time they are solicitations. I am wondering if I should not answer unknown callers and let my voice mail take the message if they leave one.

Today, I haven’t received any so far on my smartphone, but they seem to happen in the late afternoon. Usually one or two a day will call me. I also have a landline telephone which I like to use for calling out when I’m in my office. All the calls it receives are solicitations.

Most of the time when I answer the phone and I realize a telemarketer has called, I simply set the phone down without hanging up and let them disconnect. Sometimes I tell them to not call any more and take me off of their call list. When I answer with my company name,many times they hang up without saying anything which saves me a little time.

How do you handle telemarketers/solicitors/robo telephone calls?


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