Last week a current client called me regarding their computer. When I arrived at their place, I walked toward their computer and they said it was the TV instead.  They turned on the set and the picture was a splash screen stating the cable box was unavailable. Usually my client would see the last TV channel he watched. I used the remote control for the TV (TV input button) to select the input device. All four choices were unavailable.  Either the Xfinity service was out, the desktop box was defective or something else

When I looked closer, I noticed the cable box was off (no lights)!  I turned the cable box on and the TV showed the channels again.  My client said they never touched anything on or near the TV.  The channels started working intermittently and this is when I started checking the cables going to the TV and the wall.  The cable’s connectors were screwed on tight so this wasn’t the issue.  The HDMI cable was touched and the TV signal stopped.  The problem is definitely the HDMI cable between the Comcast Box and the television. Every time I touch it it goes out so if it keeps doing it I will replace that cable.

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