I have a computer client who is a retired business teacher who taught typing and keyboarding in high school.  We talk about school stuff when I’m at his location on a service call.  He knows I had typing in school and this is a course I use every day as a computer consultant. 

In typing class we learned to keep our left index finger on the the “F” key and the other one on the “J” on the typewriters.  This “ASDF JKL:” is called Home Row and it’s where I keep my hands.  Many years later I still to do this on computer keyboards because they also have the bumps on the F and J keys. 

He asked me one time since I had typing in school why do I look at my hands when I type.  “Shouldn’t you be able to touch-type and not look at your hands on the keyboard?”  He was right and somewhere along the line I got into a bad habit and started watching my hands.   I know I should get back to the correct way.  Starting today I will concentrate on watching the computer monitor as I type and not my hands like I used to.     

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