This is about a different windows than what I usually write about. It’s about the windows in your walls.

One of the things I take for granted in my office in my home is being able to see outside.  There are two windows and I can see trees, my bird-feeders and the sky from them.  It gives me peace of mind to be able to see the weather and if it’s dark outside or not. The windows aren’t directly in front of my computer desk so this prevents tho outside from being a direct distraction.  I have to turn left or right to see the view.

Some people may think it would be distracting to be able to see outside while they were working, but it calms me.  Over the years, Ive been in businesses without outside windows in the offices I’ve worked in.  Luckily, I’m usually not at a client’s place for long each time I make a service call.  So I don’t have to be in location without a view for long.

What do you think?  What is your office situation if you have an office?  Do you have windows near you? No windows? Glad you have them? or glad you don’t?

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