My go to security program is Comodo Anti-Virus or Comodo Internet Security. Comodo also has two web browsers which tout more security than regular browsers. The first one is Comodo Dragon which is based on the Google Chrome web browser engine. The other is Comodo Ice Dragon. This is based on Firefox web browser engine.

I used to use them often a few years again and for some reason I stopped. It may have been that a web site I visited often didn’t display properly and had other problems. Or it could have been I used Firefox on all my computers and just got in the habit and stayed with it.

The one feature I liked was the site inspector that told you if the web site had malware or tracking cookies. I can’t find it now on Dragon so it must have been on Ice Dragon. Comodo Ice Dragon is my preferred of the two because of it’s Firefox engine. I don’t trust Google Chrome which is what Dragon uses. You can download these two free web browsers at

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