A new computer repair client asked me to check their fairly new Microsoft windows 11 laptop last week. A fake-alert appeared on their computer stating they were infected.  In the process of attempting to boot with a device other than the internal SSD, I got a message about Bit Locker encryption requiring a password. No matter what I tried, the laptop refused to boot into Windows 11.  I contacted my client and they had no idea about Bit-Locker being installed and couldn’t help. I researched the problem without finding anything useful.  As a last resort, I downloaded an image for the operating system from the manufacturer and reinstalled the operating system.

Later I discovered that the new installation encrypted the SSD with Bit-Locker and never informed the owner of the password!  I looked at my Windows 11 laptop and it had Bit Locker installed and I had no idea of the password for it!  It came this way when I bought it and I was never informed.  I’m going to have to find the password for it so I don’t get Bit Locker locking me out of my  laptop.

Have you experienced Bit-Locker problems with any of your computers?  

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