Last week  I wrote a blog and tried posting it on my FaceBook company page. It told me the post included content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive. It might be related to my patriot, libertarian leanings. On my personal site,, I have political news links to Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, infowars and others. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have banned infowars so I assume I was banned, too.  Or maybe a facebook user reported me because of an anti-war link I shared which they didn’t like. 

Today I tried sharing a blog from both of my web sites and both were blocked because of content against Community Standards.  I’ll have to try posting pictures from the New Haven Chamber networking group and see what happens.

So if you see less and less of me and my company on Facebook, this is why.  It’s funny that a few weeks ago I posted on Facebook don’t be surprised if I start getting banned because of my posts.  Welcome to the Police State!

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