I have a computer client which misses their Facebook account which stopped working some time last year.  I’ve been on-site at their location three times so far trying to fix this mess.  It seemed to have started when their spouse died last year.  The details are sketchy because they don’t know what went wrong. 

My guess is they tried creating a new FB account for themselves when they could not access the original one.  When I came on the scene and started assisting on this mess, they had two accounts and one was the original.  The password was forgotten on the original and we had problems determining who’s email it was under.  Later we found out it was the deceased spouse. We still could access the unwanted account, but it had 1 friend and none of their pictures.  The original account has 150 friends and many pictures. 

A month ago we started the procedure to close the unwanted account because it was under their email address.  Facebook said the procedure takes a month to complete so I came today to help them create a new account with her email address.  My client started creating a new Facebook account with their email address and then Facebook halted the process.  It was claimed the account was against FB policy.  The only thing that i could think of was the old account used the same email address and maybe this was the problem if the old account never got killed.

Needless to say we were both disappointed with this and all we can do is wait for the appeal to get processed..  

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