This week I’ve been reviewing my technical email bulletins because I discovered about 40 from last year I hadn’t processed.  Most of them are serious and related to computer and IT consulting.  Once in a while one of them will be fun and entertainment-related like this one. 

The article was from Tech Republic and it discussed some of the FAST options we have. FAST stands for Free, Ad-Supported, Streaming, TV.  I’ve been using one of them for years and it’s called  It has all kinds of channels as in News, Sports, movies, classic TV, Spanish language and others.  I use the many Spanish channels for learning spanish and it’s been useful and fun.

The other ones are new to me and are from Comcast, from Fox and from Amazon. I forget to mention from NBC is also included.  

If cable, satellite or broadcast TV isn’t available to you, give these services a whirl.  Pluto has been great for me for entertainment and information and now I have three other ones to enjoy on my computers and devices,

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