When I first heard about Pinterest around 2011, I used it frequently for posting business networking groups. Pinterest allows you to save pictures on a “board” for organizing.  I have created many boards for various categories like pets, my garden and computers. It was easy and fun to post pictures from my smartphone while I was at a networking group or at a client.  I still have hundreds of pictures pinned in my business account (Shane Grantham Consulting) and my personal one in my many boards. 

Something happened a few years ago which interrupted my Pinterest passion. It was called Instagram – another social media platform revolving around pictures.  Instagram is a little simpler than Pinterest and it allows the user to post pictures in a straight line feed without categories. I started posting pictures from my smartphone but found it hard to do it from a regular computer.  A few weeks ago I started using Pinterest again and plan to start posting pictures again regularly.   I do have a personal and business Instagram account and I suggest you create them for yourself.

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