I was at the networking group I facilitate this month when one of the attendees asked me if I  could assist them with a computer laptop issue. Their laptop battery wasn’t holding a charge any more.  My client does DJ work at events and when the laptop dies, the music stops for the event.

My client asked me to replace the battery since manufacturers make it hard to do it. 

Replacing this one took me about 35 minutes because I had to figure out how it came apart and then remove all the case screws and carefully pry it apart.  Then I had to remove the battery screws securing it to the case.  Luckily, it came out and nothing broke including the flimsy electrical cable which connected to the motherboard.

In the past the battery was accessible without taking the laptop apart.  All you had to do was slide a tab or two on the underside of the laptop and the battery popped out.  This is a picture of my laptop from 2000 which my thumb next to the battery tab. 

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