I Recently installed Linux Mint 19.x from scratch on my main office laptop. I saved the previous hard drive with Linux Mint 17 on it.   A problem with the desktop started happening with the volume control on the bar disappeared and I couldn’t move folders around. It was annoying and I wasn’t having any success fixing it.  I researched on Linux Mint forums and found others had the same problem. 

My computer is very old and the desktop environment platform I’m using is Cinnamon which is the default when Mint is installed. My research says it works better on newer computers. A better environment for old ones is Mate.  I didn’t know how to switch from Cinnamon to Mate and I found out there is an option at the Linux Mint login screen.  

Once I logged out of Linux Mint and the login screen appeared I found a small button on the login box which allowed me to change Cinnamon to Mate.  I logged in and things were much improved with the volume control back and full functionality on the Linux desktop! 

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