The main computer in my office (I have four desktop computers) runs Linux Mint with two monitors. Two monitors used to be enough for all the open programs I used. It would be more productive to have more monitors but my computer hardware doesn’t have another monitor port available and I don’t want to add one.
The solution was something I knew of for years and just recently started using. It’s called a workspace and it creates another virtual desktops for you to use.  It creates 4 workspaces on the bottom taskbar you would click to activate.  Most times I have three or four workspaces going with one for web pages, one for files and folders one for a video editor and the last one for my web page editor.  It does slow the computer down the more workspaces I have open but it does boost my multitasking speed.  

From what i recall, Microsoft Windows 11 has this same feature.   Have you used workspaces or virtual desktops?  




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