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I get asked to repair all sorts of electronic devices which I enjoy doing. Last week a DVD player was given to me to repair. It was manufactured in 2006 and did work correctly at one time. Now, when a DVD is loaded and played from the front panel, the disc spins and makes a loud airplane sound. The motor seems to spin the disc too fast and eventually it stops turning. Different discs were tried and all did the same thing.  I disassembled the DVD player and visually inspected the components inside but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.   I contacted the owner to let them know I couldn’t repair it.

I did try one last thing before I gave up. The make and model were researched on the internet to see if problems existed.  Surprisingly, this device was recalled in 2009 for a fire hazard!  The owner was notified to not plug it in again and maybe see if it can be replaced under the recall. 

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