Someone I know has two mobile hotspots which use the cellular towers in their area near Indianapolis. One is a personal and the other is work-related.  These hotspots can be sensitive to where they are placed in your home or office in regards to signal strength to the cell towers.  This person has experimented with the mobile hotspot placement in their home and found the best location is near a window in a bedroom for one of them.  Previously they tried it in the kitchen, living room and dining room.  The kitchen may have been a problem because of the metal appliances shielded the cellular radio signal to the hotspot.  One of hotspots has a signal strength LED on it which informs when it has a good signal.  Realize just a few inches or feet may make all the difference in the world for a usable signal and a poor one.  And realize the cellular radio tower may be on the opposite side of your house and that’s why you have a poor signal.  


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