Last week one of my computer clients contacted me about a computer problem they were experiencing in Windows 10.  They use the on-line service MSN for reading emails, banking and web browsing. After Jan 31 accessing MSN got harder because it timed-out and auto-closed when five minutes expired.  They assumed there was a problem with their credit card payment. 

I arrived and talked it over with my client.  We opened MSN and logged in without any problem.  As soon as we got the splash screen for their account, a window said we were restricted and had 5 minutes.  I frantically searched in MSN to find account info so we could verify it was expired. The time-limit expired and we started over.  After five time-outs, I finally discovered the page that said the credit card expired under the Billing tab. We clicked “Renew” and now they had another year to use it.  A few minutes later, an email arrived verifying the info.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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