One of my long-time commercial computer clients had a problem this week. They were trying to update their Quickbooks 2019 to 2020. They were getting alerts within Quickbooks that updates were available so they thought they needed to do it. 

When I arrived to help with other issues, I asked more questions about the QB problem.  Were they getting error messages? What exactly was happening?  I determined they would start the update by clicking on the update button and it showed the progress bar. It wouldn’t move past 0% after a few minutes and my client would cancel it thinking a problem was present.  I explained that the problem was they were used to a faster internet connection at home, but here in their office they were using DSL.  It is going to take longer to download than a cable internet connection and they would have to be patient and let the download finish and NOT interrupt it. My suggestion was to start it before they left for the night and give it all night to download.

Have you experienced a slow internet connection at one location and a faster one at another? How did you handle it?

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