When I walked into 469 Sports and Spirits this morning for the New Haven Chamber Networking Group, someone was already in our meeting room at 1130. It wasn’t the staff, but someone who hasn’t attended our group for a few years. It was good to have them back.  We began talking and they wanted to know if Amanda will be there today and I wasn’t sure.  We don’t force attendance so people come as often as they are able. She asked if Dan attends and I said fairly regularly.  A few minutes later, Amanda walks in and a few minutes later, Dan waltzes in!  That was funny how both people she asked about showed up! 

Steve came up with a good idea – to take a picture of our group for social media. We all went outside and I took a picture.  We didn’t do it the last two meetings because I forgot. If you check our web page you will pictures going back to 2016 of our meetings.   I encourage you to take pictures of the meetings and share them to help others find our group. 

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