I had a service call recently at one of my business clients. A new DSL router had been installed in place of an old one by a Frontier technician. The internet worked fine for all the computers after the swap and the technician left.  The next business day the employees noticed things weren’t working on the internal network and I came out to fix it.  I had to change some things on the network devices to repair the problems.  I’ll discuss that in another blog.

They also noticed half of the camera’s feeds in the video surveillance system were blank.  They assumed it was a network issue like before and asked me troubleshoot and repair.  I had no idea how to access the surveillance system’s network interface so the configuration manual was consulted.  Before I could get very far in the research, an email alerted me they found accidentally  disconnected video cables from Frontier’s visit. Once the cables were re-connected to the Surveillance system, the video feeds all worked. 

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